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Weight Loss


Want to lose weight but are confused
by the weight loss program choices?

Explore the weight loss programs below and find a plan that you think you can live with and succeed at. Diets that work match an individual's personal preferences and needs. Weight loss is not a mystery -- but you need to find a weight loss program that you will stay with and be happy with.

Lots of outside help is available with these diet plans to help you lose weight if you need it. Some people require a structured program to lose weight while others may combine parts of the following weight loss programs and fashion a plan of their own to lose weight. However you decide to lose weight, we hope these diet reviews will be of help to you.

Diet Plan Reviews:

Atkins Diet
Beverly Hills Diet
Dr. Phil McGraw's Diet
Jenny Craig
South Beach Diet
Subway Diet
Weight Watchers
Zone Diet

Visit the Fast Food Nutrition List to see what is in
your favorite fast foods!

And of course, no diet is complete without exercise. Consuming fewer calories than your body burns is the secret to weight loss....keeping the weight off requires regular exercise. Browse these exercise videos for help in the exercise department - the Pilates are especially good if you are crunched for time!

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